Web Micro-Targeting



Real World Locations


Choose real world locations like homes and businesses

You provide us with the locations and we can deliver your messages directly to the screens in those locations.  

Forget about ad weary customers and deliver your message to who you want and when you want!

Your ads on their favorite sites


We make sure your ads are on their favorite websites

Cross Device Targeting: Move beyond direct mail and bots.

When your audience goes to their favorite websites, we display your message on their screen and drive them to your landing pages.

Now your messages will appear on your audiences computers, mobile devices, tablets and even web capable TV’s. 

Real Audiences = Real Results


Target the people you want for a true ROI

Change the Status Quo: 90-95% of the people who see mass and or social media ads are not even in the market for your product or solution.

Pinpoint Impact’s Analytical approach is the answer to the shotgun approach.

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