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Making the most of data

Nobody knows your data better than you.

Pinpoint Impact can use you existing data to deliver messages that are specific to the audiences you have already developed.

Here are some examples of data you may already have that we can use to target your advertising message:

  • Customer Street Addresses– People who have done business with you before are generally easier to engage to get repeat sales than acquiring new customers
  • Website Logs– We can use the IP addresses from your website logs and re-target those individuals who are actively looking at your product.
  • CRM Data– We can use address data for potential clients, or clients that have “Requested more info”, and target campaigns or special incentive offers specifically to those people.
  • Previous Donor Lists– Non-Profit organizations can target previous donors to alert them of new fundraising campaigns or specific donation needs.
  • Frequent Shopper Data– Groups of customers can be targeted with specific ads based on their previous purchasing habits.

Don’t have the data?  We can help.

Pinpoint Impact has millions of rows of data at our fingertips, and we can help you generate the target list needed for your campaign.     We can help you identify target lists based on a variety of demographic data from hundreds of data points.  

Now you have access to the mission-critical information that financial services, medical and healthcare, automotive, home services, hi-tech, retail products and B2B services use to define and promote their business.

Here are some examples of data points that we can use to generate target lists for you:

  • Geographic Location
  • Demographic information (Age, Sex, Race)
  • Marital Status (Married, Single, Divorced)
  • Family Status (Has Children, Child on the way, Child age ranges, Number of children)
  • Education Level (Degree earned, School Attended, Years)
  • Income Level
  • Home Ownership (Own, Rent, Plan to buy, Home Value, Length of Residence, etc)
  • Political Affiliation (Party Affiliation, Previous Donors)
  • Automotive Data (Own or Lease, Intends to purchase a car, Recently purchased a car, Brand preferences)

Great Data = Great Results

Because we are passionate about data, we can connect with the High-Lifetime Value customer.

Informed by better data and audience insights, such as the ability to link CRM, first party and third party offline attributes to online behaviors, we drive highly quality lead generation using digital advertising that is focused and refined for your specific goals. 

A responsible approach to data

We help protect you by ensuring that all data meets the necessary Government requirements for compliance for the following data regulatory agencies and specifications:

  • Protected by Trustwave:
  • Data and Marketing Association Compliant
  • TRUSTe Privacy Certified
  • Compliance with the IAB Code of Conduct
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • In the near future our platform will be compliant with the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF)

Let us help you win with Data!

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