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Managing your brand online

You work hard to build your good brand.

We help you to proactively protect and defend your good name.

Common threats include:

  • Fake News
  • Blogosphere goes rabid
  • Influencer becomes a detractor

We can help you with:

  • Advanced Social Analytics
  • Content suppression

Threat 1 – Fake News

The first amendment gives almost anybody the ability to say whatever they want, with or without proof, without much recourse. The falsehoods can become non-events, distractions, or catastrophes.  Pinpoint Impact monitors your brands to catch these “stories”, measures their impact, trending capability, viral probability projection, and helps you with online countermeasures to debunk the “fake news” stories to preserve your brand.

Threat 2 – Influencer becomes a detractor

Knowing who is an influencer for your brand or product, or who is a negative influencer (detractor) to your product or brand, is very important as these social media users have a lot of effect on how your brand is perceived, accepted in the marketplace, and ultimately…purchased and recommended. Pinpoint Impact identifies who these influencers are, if they are positive or negative toward your brand (that can change instantly), identifies up-and-coming influencers, and puts together a strategy on how to engage these unique advertising channels.

Threat 3 – Blogosphere goes rabid

Many individuals enthusiastically publish their experiences with manufacturers and write product reviews on various social media platforms like blogs, wikis, and social networking sites. Such user-generated content (UGC) is perceived by experts to carry more significance and make brands more trustworthy than any company advertisement could. Pinpoint Impact monitors for online activity directed toward your brand and provides you with reporting and strategies for working with trending content and dealing with negative content.

Solution 1 – Advanced Social Analytics

Pinpoint impact has a three-pronged approach to Social Media Analytics and Engagement. Pinpoint Impact works with you methodically to give your company a strategy that meets the needs to protect your brand, but also meets the needs of an ever-changing online environment:

  • Monitoring – Gathering, tracking, and measuring key metrics directed at your brand
  • Analytics – Taking the data gathered in the monitoring process and looking deeper into the dialogues and recognizing what individuals are really saying online to make better-informed decisions
  • Intelligence – Fusing the monitoring and analytics processes, intelligence provides information critical to the formation of strategic approaches critical to brand protection
Pinpoint Impact Social Media Analytics

Solution 2 – Content suppression

We’d all like to think that we live in a kind and perfect world, but your competition is more clever than ever. With Pinpoint Impact as your brand management team, you will always be one step ahead.  We will work with content providers to legally have content removed.

  • Pinpoint Impact has experience and relationships with: Large ISP’s/Domain Registrars/Legal/News Organizations
  • Pinpoint Impact has extensive expertise with: PPC/SEO’s/Keyword & Site Ranking to get content off the first page
  • Pinpoint Impact Black Ops team will engage to remove or suppress extreme content

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